Art & Copy

I went to see this film on Friday as part of the Cathedral Arts Festival.  It opened my eyes to advertising and just how some of the biggest and well known companies began their life through an ad.  It really made me aware of what is involved in advertising and made me appreciate them more.  Apple really allowed their advertisements to go further than any other company has done.  In their first advertisement (below) they didn’t even show the product and it was only shown once during the super bowl 1984 and it changed the company for life.  How can one advertisement change who we are and how we work? From that moment on the design world changed from PC’s to Mac. 

The film also explains how other advertisements came about and the impact they have had on the world.  Nike’s ‘Just do it’ saying came from someone who was being executed because they had committed murder and these where his last words ‘Lets do it’, someone read this and took the do it and added the single word just to create the icon slogan ‘Just do it’.   This changed everything because all Nike wanted to do was get people out and about and playing sports.  This was a successful campaign ran by them and not only did it get people out and about and more active it also challenged them to achieve other goals that they had set for themselves.  It really altered the thinking of the general public.   

Art & Copy definitively altered me advertisement and enabled me to appreciate the effect it has had on changing ordinary brands into something outstanding and are now viewed with the biggest brands that we are aware of today.  30sec in reality doesn’t seem that long, but the 30seconds within an advertisement can simply change the world.


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