New Look Creative Review

We are set to have a brand new redesigned Creative Review from April.  The redesign has come about as part of the celebration of its 30 year in existence.  I have to say I really liked the old design so it’s going to take something extra special to win me over to accepting this change. The new design has a new logo (above) which, on first impressions, I’m not too sure about. In my opinion the original was much better. There’s also a new format to the magazine which now compresses a 4 column grid.  New typography and paper has also been employed. There were two reasons for the redesign 1. To create a better physical product.  2. To get across the repositioning of their editorial stance that has developed over the last couple of years.

They have made the magazine smaller 250mm square, which meant they save money on the postage, with consideration they decided to put this money towards better quality paper.  The inside comprised 90gsm text paper whereas it is now 135gsm, with the Crit pages on 115gsm uncoated. Inside of 250gsm cover, its now 300gsm.  They said that it can only really be appreciated when you get it in your hands.  I can’t wait to see this new look design and after that I’ll make my decision about what I truly think!


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