Penguin Classics team up with (RED) for typographic covers

The Secret Agent designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith (Penguin Press art department)

Penguin has joined forces with AIDS awareness fund (RED) along with a group of designers to create eight covers for Penguin Classics.  The renowned black band is replaced with a red band and a quote is taken from the book and applied to this as a visual cue. It was believed that the Classics didn’t really need this new packaging it did prove successful. The typographic designs at times impinged over the RED band and this challenged the Penguin Classis identity.  Penguin Press now plan to employ a different typographer for each cover and more have been considered to take place within the near future.

Here are three of my favourite designs; I really like the way that the typography has been used within these pieces and the way that they have been applied.  I particularly like the image above because they have used a piece of text from within the book and highlight it using circles. The image below uses a very illustrated approach to the typography.  My favourite would be the last image. I just love the visual impact that this images has on the viewer.  To view all eight pieces click here.

Therese Raquin designed by Jim Stoddart (Penguin Press art director)

Anna Karenina designed by FUEL


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