What type are you?

Strange question to ask yourself and you might think you have lost the plot, or at least that I have lost the plot but here goes. Have you ever wondered what typeface you are?  Well if you have you can now find out. Pentagram can now give you the answer you have been waiting for, simply visit their site here.  Then you type in your name and the password which is ‘character’ and you start the journey to discover the real you.  A figure posing as a psychiatrist will then ask you a range of questions and then will establish what typeface you are.

When I tried this I was diagnosed to be Archer Hairline (above).  Let me know how you get on and what typeface you are.



  1. karlaburns

    I was archer too!! It’s a beautiful typeface isn’t it!!

  2. i got “baskerville italic”. my handwriting is actually italic… oh, well. funny accent, that guy.

  3. i am marina script..thanks

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