FWA website of the year

We Choose The Moon has been selected as this year’s winner of the FWA Website Year Awards.  This is a recreation of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon which is recorded in every history book.  The site can be viewed here.  It was created by the Martin Agency and Domani Studios.  A panel of judges selected this as the best website of the year from a shortlist of 12.  

The graphics contained within this website are brilliant.  I personally have never experienced anything like it before.  It demonstrates step by step a guide of the mission accomplished on the moon.  It tells you how long you have been in the air and how long you have left.  It also illustrates the variety of stages that the craft goes through.  It was set up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this historic Apollo 11 mission.

43,000 people cast a vote to what they felt was the best site, this was to be awarded the FWA People’s Choice Award 2009.  The winning site was Labuat, this is an interactive music video and it allows the user to experiment and play around with the graphics while the song is being played.  This site was designed by Herraiz Soto & Co and you can be view  here.


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