Now that all the hand in have come and gone and I have time to breathe again I through it was about time to post some of the work that I have been doing over the last number of weeks.  One of my modules was photography and our first section was to explore composition and how by the slight repositioning of your camera you can create an entirely different meaning to the image and to the object.  My aim was to attempt to recreate a piece that had been produced by photographer Dylan Collard, below.

To recreate this I had to contact my dad’s boss and ask his permission to take photographs of client’s files.  I know that this doesn’t sound very exciting but there was something about the lines and the depth that really got my attention and I wanted to see how I would be able to use these everyday objects to create something different and interesting.  Here is what I came up with.


Another project was to do with lighting and constructivist photography.  I headed up to Stormont Parliament Buildings, Belfast and my plan was to take photographs of the shadows created on the building but to my disappointment the security gate was closed and I could not get near to the building.  However there are a lot of steps leading up to Stormont and the sun was making its way of the very long avenue.  I decided to wait around to see what I could capture.  I have to say it was an extremely long wait but in my opinion a wait that was worthwhile.  The effects were amazing and seemed to match what I had been asked to do in my brief so I was delighted.  So the moral of the story is to have patience and always go with a plan B which in my case turned out to be more successful than my plan A would have been.  Here are the results.


We also had to create some Barbara Kruger style poster.  Karla Burns and I decided to work together and started taking photograph of a variety of chairs.  We were limited as to what we could do as the poster needed to look like Kruger’s work.  This meant that the font style, size and colour were already decided for us. However we had lots of fun creating these pieces.



  1. iPhoto | Digital Definition for Photographers… is launched! Free web photo album online for my photos sharing. Tutorials of light and large format photography on the net….

  2. karlaburns

    I absolutely adore your photography!!!!

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