I previously stated that I would post some information regarding Ardmore the company that I was sent to interview.  The interview was carried out a number of months ago and then we had to create a piece based on this interview.  My team decided to create a mouse mat design and here is a design that I came up with.  We wanted something that would be useful in the work place and wouldn’t be left to set on the shelf and collect dust.  I had decided to use a quote from our interview, ‘The creativity doesn’t come out of the blue- the more you research and the more you do your homework the better the results’ (Larry McGarry, Creative Director), as the main design.  The answers to the questions we asked were placed on the back and took the format of an article format (see images below).  The Creative Director Larry McGarry very much emphasised the importance of knowing everything about your client and this would help you immensely with any design work you had to do for them.  Ardmore has created a lot of well known local advertising, ranging from Metro to the NI Fire and Rescue. I know that I learnt a lot from the interview and have gained a better knowledge of how I should go about my work and working with clients.  


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