Christmas is here

While browsing on the CR website I came among some really interesting links and images that are particularly appropriate for this Christmas season and for that reason I decided to post the images that caught my eye.

Bjorn Runne Lie, a Bristol illustrator, was commissioned by No Brow to create four Christmas card designs.  They had these screen printed by hand which would result in each card being different colours.  

This was designed for by Peter Saville in association with Howard Wakefield.  If you are interested click here to see what it looks like open.

Raw Design, as part of the Christmas By Colour project asked an array of designers and image makers to produce a selection of colours that they believed totally summed up the Christmas season.  The paper was provided by GF Smith and this permitted CBC to print posters that brought into view the submissions that they had received.  This year the CBC asked for the selection of 40 to be reduced to the top 12 favourites. These are now available to buy in packs of six from


Studio 8, was asked by the Paper Company Fedrigoni to design their 2010 calendar.  This takes on the form of a pile of coloured paper, there is a sheet to represent each day of the year.  A number to represent each date is perforated into a sheet and this means it can be pushed out and moved to the top of the pile each morning. 


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