Karl Blossfeldt was a German photographer who worked in Berlin.  What was unique about his work was that he captured his images by using a camera that he had designed himself.  This camera permitted him to magnify his chosen subject to up to 30 times its actual size.  No other camera would have allowed him to achieve this.  The majority of his time was spent with his study of nature.  Throughout his career which spanned 30 years he photographed nothing more than sections of plants.  I particularly like his style because on occasions he zoomed in so much the plant no longer looked like a plant and this is a format that I have always been inspired by. When you witness an image that is abstract in view you really have to take time to explore it to see what it is which makes it all worthwhile.  His photographs have successfully captured and demonstrated the amazing detail that is naturally present within nature if we take time to look. 

blossfeldt 11

Indian Balsam

blossfeldt 10

Indian Balsam

blossfeldt 7


blossfeldt 6

Horse Chesnut

blossfeldt 5

Maiden-Hair Fern

blossfeldt 4

Hart’s tongue

blossfeldt 3


blossfeldt 2



Tendrills of a pumkin

I genuinely love these photographs given that they all demonstrate something unique yet they are all based on the same composition.  They all focus on a small section of the plant and I believe that this makes them different because you can’t glance at them and more on you have to take time to work out what the image is truly portraying.


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  1. Fascinating work; so artificial looking in a way.
    And interesting comments from you!

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