A Library Full of Dead Trees


Gordon Young created these typographic tree sculptures and can be seen at Crawley’s new library.  Within the library 14 have been positioned throughout in a variety of places and they run from floor to ceiling.  Is sculpture has been creating using a real oak tree and on them has been carved passages of text.  Careful consideration has been given to the chosen typeface which has been picked to suit the passage.  On examination you would think the text has been carved from the wood but this is not the case they have been sandblasted out of the wood: ‘You put vinyl onto the wood and peel the lettering out of it.’

tree 2

tree 3

I particularly like these pieces and it is an unique way to display type and create a feature that portrays information to the viewer.  I believe that I could utilise this idea and create a feature that would contain information that I wished to display. Found in Creative Review.

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