Design for Life

BBC2 have recently commenced a six week series about design and through the programme they will be trying to discover the next young designer in Britain.  It is ran on a similar format to that of The Apprentice; the prize to be obtained at the end is to be given the opportunity to work for Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck is renowned for producing a vast range of products and he aspires to design objects that are beautiful, useful and sustainable and can be enjoyed by everyone.    He also believes that produce design effects every moment of our lives because every object within our homes has been designed by someone.  Through watching this programme I learnt that he dislikes intensely useless objects and he believes that everything should be created with a purpose in mind. 

The first task given to the participants was to purchase two objects from a supermarket.  Each participant was given 1 hour to complete this task and €100 to spend.  The objects purchased had too fit under one of the three themes that had been given to them.  They were Function – useful and useless, Ecology – sound and unsound and Genre – male and female.  It was amazing to hear the interpretation many of the young designers put on these themes and then to here Starck himself talk about them.  For that reason alone this programme is worth watching.

If you missed the first show make sure you catch up with it on BBC iplayer The next programme can be viewed on Monday at 9pm on BBC2.

Philippe Starck

Check out Philippe Starck website here

Philippe starck



  1. Winnie Shek

    Ohh, i seen one of these for sale in Bedeck (on the Lisburn road) thought it was quite unique and a very interesting design for a juice squeezer. Actually first seen in a year ago when i was doing foundation in the 3d design class. Anyho back to the topic, the programme sounds really cool, will def be on my to watch list! Hehehe thanks for the find!! Looks very interesting, is it as good as the apprentice?

    1. batchelorl

      it based on the same format but most of this week was introducing Philippe and the young designers with only a short task

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