Some Nice Publications

Found these book designs on the Creative Review  website.  In my opinion they have been beautifully designed and are really interesting. 

Goalkeeper Forever

Goalkeeper forever

Zdzisław Sosnowski’s was himself a goalkeeper and that inspired him to create this particular exhibition that focused on celebrities and in this instance on footballers.  This exhibition was originally shown in 1975 and has recently been shown again along with some of his most recent work.  I have also posted some work produced by Ryszard Bienert in which he demonstrated typographic designs.

Goalkeeper forever 2

 Goalkeeper forever 3

Goalkeeper forever 4

Goalkeeper forever 5

I love the spreads within this book, there have been so clearly thought out and produced and I feel that we could all take something from these designs that would inspire us and help within our own designs.

Neuland: The Future of German Graphic Design


This is Neuland: The future of German Graphic Design.  It has been edited and designed by TwoPoints.Net which is a studio based in Barcelona.  The aim of this book is to stage the work of young up and coming German graphic designers.  The book asks these designers an array of questions to try and establish what it means to them to be a designer and secondly what it means to them to be German.  Below I have posted some spreads from within the main body of the book.

Neuland 2

Neuland 3

Neuland 4

Neuland 5

Neuland 6

To be honest I wasn’t initially impressed by the work I felt I would find within this book and that judgement was made once I had seen the front cover.  However I was glad I took the opportunity to explore the work and look inside the book and I have to say that I quickly changed my mind.  I particularly love the examples I have posted above and the combination of images and text works very effectively.  

Said the Computer To The Specialist

said the computer

Said The Computer To The Specialist is the second edition from London’s No Brow Small Press.  This book comprises illustrations which have been produced by Tom Rowe.  These have been screen printed by hand and five colours have been used.  I have posted a selection of these below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

said the computer 2

said the computer 3

said the computer 4

Compendium N.6 Pink Laser Beam

pink laser beam

Lastly this is another book that has some really interesting folds, if you want to see more Click Here.

Here’s what Valis, Philip K. Dick says about the book

“Pink Laser Beam appears to defy logic, revealing new associations and hidden meanings as it unfolds in time and space. In an edition of 666 copies each containing 180 pages of scored, punch-cut, embossed, drilled and folded works on paper (and plastic) stitched into a hard-bound cold-foil printed cover which is then wrapped in a giant poster dust-jacket (on the reverse of which are a series of appendices and related texts, a supplement to the final index of artworks and authors)”


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