Heart Agency

 This is an illustrator website that displays an array of worked which has been produced by a variety of illustrators. I have had spent time to explore this site and many styles can be indentified which makes it a very interesting and inspiring site. I have posted some of the work that I particularly liked.

Marion Deuchars

heart MD

heart MD 2

I have posted a small sample of his work and I believe the simplicity adapted in the production of these pieces has proved to be very successful.  I particularly like the way that within the first two book covers he has used and abstract image which is not overpowering but in my opinion is extremely effective. 

Jason Ford

heart JF

I’m inspired by the style that Jason Ford employs in the production of his work.  They are humorous and non-realistic and have been produced with great precision.  The image above reminds me of the Pop Art movement.

Scott Garrett

heart SG

heart SG 2

Scott Garrett has taken well known advertising images and altered them to adapt a joke format.  I believe that these could be used in the production of greeting cards, postcards etc. because every detail has been thought through. 

Simon Pemberton

heart SP

heart SP 2&3

I like the freeness that Simon Pemberton applies to his work.  There is a lovely feel and quality present within his work.  I’m really interested in this abstract style and I feel that this proves that you can produce work while employing this style that has the same impact as images produced using the computer to produce very detailed images. 

Have a look at some of the illustrators http://www.heartagency.com/html/artist.html


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