19 Karen

This is another illusion website that displays work from International artists. (http://19karen.com.au/) Here are some that I particularly liked, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. 

Mari Hirata

Mari Hirata produces paragraphs that have been inspired by the Japanese philosophy of how balance and symmetry work.  Hirata’s work is usually produced using red, white and black which included the two colours used in the Japanese flag.

 MH Centipede

Centipede 2008

 MH Critters

Critters – 2008

I really love this piece, it is so unusual and it took me a while to realise that it had been produced by positioning shoes.  It is an interesting way to produce a piece of art.

Anthony Lister

AL blood in the water 

Blood in the water flashing lights 2008

AL half-time entertainer  

Half-Time Entertainer 2009

Guy L. Warren

GLW mock samurai

Mock Samurai (LV Multi-colour) 2008

 GLW nanzen boys

Nanzen Boys 2009

I love the collage style that Guy has adapted; it has been carefully thought out which has lead to a successful final outcome.


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