Central Illustration

Thanks to Karla’s for her posting on the VisCom blog, http://www.viscombelfast.com/interactive/?p=179, I had been shown some of the work that is present on Central Illustration website http://www.centralillustration.com/, I loved what I discovered and thought I would upload some of my favourites. 

Susan Burghart

Susan Burghart 1

Susan Burghart 2 

I just love these images; she has created and captured such an atmosphere/seating with her work that it makes you feel that you are part of the image.  They have been beautifully Illustrated and produced. Her use of natural colours really enhances the entire impact of the pieces. 

Paul Oakley

paul oakley

paul oakley 2

paul oakley 3 

I could have easily uploaded all of his images as I found them all fascinating and they were of equally high quality.  I believe these illustrations could be utilised for poster advertisements or they could be altered to become a simple effective animation.  I admire the overall composition that he has used in producing these pieces. 

Paul Wearing

 paul wearing

paul wearing 2

These simple line drawings and in my opinion are powerfully appealing.  They remind me of the wire sculptures I discovered in Paris by Alexander Calder http://calder.org/home.  They are so uncomplicated but are extremely effective and this has been achieved by the way they have been produced.

alexander calder

‘Fernand Leger’, 1930 by Alexander Calder


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