This is an illustration website, which displays a variety of Illustrator’s works.  If you take time to explore this you won’t be disappointed by the range of styles that are on display there truly are some really lovely pieces.  Below are some the Illustrators and the work that caught my eye.

Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy

This image was produced as part of the Black Coffee Project by Matt Murphy.  He produced work for an array clients including The Independent, The New York Time, The Times and The Observer and this is to name a few. His work is said to be a captivating mix of illustration and collage filled with thought provoking political, social and environmental commentary. It is this combination of strong visual imagery entwined with his own individual style that has kept him to the forefront of modern illustration.

There is great depth within this image and I particularly love the style that he has used within this image.  Through this image there is a story being told of a boy unaware of everything around him apart from the plant that he wishing will grow. 

Anne Clegg

anne Clegg

She has been practicing as a freelance illustrator since 2003 and has developed some very distinct and eye catching pieces. Anne Cleggs enjoys the problem-solving process of an illustration brief. Creating original, fun ideas is the most important aspect of her work. She likes to visualize her ideas in a way that has presence and immediacy and accomplishes this through simple, graphic shapes, limited colour use and strong composition. She now works for People Management Magazine, Health Service Journal and New Law Journal. You view more of her work at

I really like the freeness that she adapts while producing her work and also the way that she produced this piece only using one colour. I believe that this adds to the atmosphere which she has successfully created. 

Noumeda Carbone

Noumeda Carbone

Beautiful words

Noumeda Carbone 2

Published on Etel magazine No.3

John Paul Early

John Paul Early

Andy Baker

Andy Baker

 Uwe Mayer 

uwe Mayer

Reading Boy

There are a huge number of illustrators that I could name; this is only a handful of the illustrators named within this site. You can view more at


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