Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes

These quotes where expressed by Adrian Shaughnessy.

01: There’s no such thing as bad clients: only bad designers.

02: The best way to learn how to become a better graphic designer is to become a client.

03: If we want to educate our clients about design, we must first educate ourselves about our clients.

04: If we want to make money as a graphic designer, we must concentrate on the work — not the money.

05: For designers, verbal skills are as important as visual skills.

06: Ideas usually fail not because they’re bad ideas, but because they’re badly presented.

07: “I’m a professional: I know best.”

08: “All the good jobs go to other designers.”

09: The best way to run a studio is to be domineering and forceful.

10: If we believe in nothing, we shouldn’t wonder why no one believes in us. I

Footnote: Just like the amp in Spinal Tap that goes up to 11, my list of 10 paradoxes actually contains 11 items. Here is the eleventh paradox of graphic design.

11. When a client says the words — “you have complete creative freedom,” they never mean complete creative freedom.

If you would like to read more go to http://www.designobserver.com/archives/entry.html?id=39207


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