Ralph Schravogel

While exploring the Design Observer website I was delighted to come upon an assortment of extremely interesting poster designs by Ralph Schraivogel.  The poster displayed below ‘Gross and Klein’ 1997 is in my opinion is particularly interesting.  I believe that this is the case because so much is happening within the poster but at the same time all the elements complement each other and work well together.   It gives me a sense of layers and textures I feel that each person who looks at this poster will discover something different and unique to them and I consider this to be an important element of graphic design. 

 ralph s 1

Another poster by Schraivogel is presented below.  On this occasion Schraivogel has displayed the information within the poster in a particularly interesting format.  It is cleverly simple but extremely effective and in turn adds something to the poster.    

ralph s 2


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