Antoine and Manuel

Part of our remit is to comment on the websites, books etc that are posted on the VisCom website,

The first website that I’m going to comment on is Antoine and Manuel ( ).  I encountered their work while I was on our trip to Paris.  The way that their work was presented and displayed was amazing and what they managed to produce as a final outcome was truly inspiring.  The images contained within the website are of a very high quality but they do not compare to the experience of seeing the actual finished piece on display.       

 am 1

ADDED ON MARCH, 25, 2009

This particular piece really inspired me while I was producing my modular world (see my Year 1 work which has been posted).  Within this piece a world has been created using simplistic shapes and this was the brief for our set task. 

Present within this site are some astonishing posters, designs and illustrations. If you are attracted to abstract art then I would encourage you to explore this site and I guarantee you will be inspired!  Below I have included a few examples of the work that you will discover if and when you take a look.    

am 2 


am 3

Christian lacroix

am 4

Collection Lambert

 am 5

Museum of Tomorrow


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