My Year 1 Work

Below are some examples of the work that I have created within my first year

Book Covers:

bnw text 2a

bnw 3

tsh 2b

‘Brave New World’ was about how the progression of science has impinged upon and altered human beings. All ‘beings’ are made the same.

‘The Secret History’ is about a group of students who are incredible clever and who are attending a very privileged American college that is only assessable by the extremely wealthy. However these students are very fixated and in the end they carry out a dastardly act by committing murder.

Guardian insert:

insect final1-1

insect final-2

Modular world:

 12 page 2a

12 page 1




 these were created using 5 geometric shapes.


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  1. […] decided to spend a day redoing my modular world  alphabet that I designed in first year.  I wanted to create a clear version of it by just using […]

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